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7, oh 7

2010-08-15 13:07:32 by firemario1

7 is a number. Explain why this is.

Newspost postponed until further imagination is aquired.

2008-08-15 12:30:54 by firemario1

Exactly. I have no imagination. Make fun of me below. :3

Also, treeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeees. D:>

Audio Surf Requests!

2008-04-16 16:30:15 by firemario1

Hey, guys! Recently, I have been playing this game Audiosurf, and it is so entertaining, I decided to take in requests for gameplay! If you have a song that you want me to play around on, just tell me the author, song title, and a link to the song itself, if the song originates from the internet.

Here's a recent one I did, and an excuse to try out the video-embed feature! :3

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Gym Class Sucks. Balls.

2008-03-10 18:37:42 by firemario1

Ok, I'm gonna make a rant about my school's PE program. Okay?

First off, I might want to mention that we have whats called a "block schedule". This means that all of our classes are 80 minutes long. Which is okay for most things, except for gym, of course.

I'm going to start out with at what time it is. Even though I have it once every four days, I have it first thing in the morning. I'm usually extremley tired, and can't focus. And, if I don't have my coffee in the morning, grouchy and with a headache. But, we need to do warm-ups!

The warm-ups is basically 45 minutes long, and usually tires you out before anything else happens. We begin with a two-minute jog, but our gym teacher usually forgets that we are running, and makes it anywhere up to ten minutes long. Holy shit. Then, we move on to "wall stretch". This is when you gotta stand in awkward positions and push up against a slanted wall. Not too difficult, but can still be hard to concentrate. After a few minutes of that, we move onto the floor. Then we have to do those "hurdle stretches". I'm sure you have done these before, so I won't bother mentioning them. But, after them, we then have one of two sets of exercises. The first one is crunches. You lift your legs up and crunch your body upwards. Not too bad. Next, you have leg lifts. This can get tedious, since the teacher has you raise the legs up so far, you can nearly touch your face. Finally in the first set are scissor kicks. This is when you do leg lifts, and cross your legs at the same time. And after that, we get to do it all over again. Whoopee.

If we are lucky, we get to do the more tedious of the two sets of exercises. First, we lay on our stomachs like if we are doing push ups, and balance ourselves on our toes and elbows. Not hard, right? Try it after a ten minute jog. After the first one, we flip onto our sides and balance on one toe, and one elbow. Then we do the other toe/elbow. Pure torture. Then, we do it again!

Also, I may add that all the above "warm-ups" take about 1 to 2 minutes a piece. So, each set takes about 10 minutes.

After this, we get to do push ups! After about 20 of them, plus 20 "bicep pushes", basically push ups on your back, we get to pretend we have stair-climbers, and walk up and down the bleachers. Very tedious, since each "step" is about 1 1/2 feet tall. After stair climbers, we jump for two minutes. Nothing else, just jump. Up and down like fucking retards. After 10 more minutes of that, we are done with warm-ups. Too bad everyone is tired already. The teacher also treats you like dogs when you try to rest for a minute, exposing you to the rest of the class and forcing others to laugh at you for not working. Rest to much, and you get no credit for the day.

After the warm up, we get to play a game. Usually a sport. That's really all I got to say on that subject. Yep.

Well, I need to finish writing a report on the reproductive system. Good bye.

Crazy Encounters on the Bus Ride to School

2007-12-06 20:59:45 by firemario1

OK, I hate riding on the bus to get to school. I am always the last one to get on, leaving no room on the bus to sit, and there is always a collection of characters who frighten me. All of the genres of people listed below are all in 7th Grade or lower.

Group One: The Stereotypical Fat Children

OK, being an overweight person myself, I can understand the ridicule these children goes through. But unlike myself, these kids commit themselves to making them look as FAT as possible. They are obese (much more than I), smart-assed, and quite retarded. There are so many accounts I have had with these kids, I could use an entire news post about it. But, I have another genre to go through, so I won't.
On the first day of school, I saw this group of kids (who are all in 5th grade). All of them had fatty faces, and chubby fingers. Since I had to sit next to one of them, I had the disturbing encounter. The kid next to me took out a "family-sized" bag of Doritos, and just munched away on them in the most annoying way possible. You know. People open their mouths slowly, making you smell the saliva-tortilla chip slop in their mouth, also forcing to to see the chunks of spit and crumbs drool out of their mouth? Yeah, That kind. Anyway, in the 15 minute trip to the school, he finished off the whole bag of Doritos, and three Hershey bars. Bleh. But WAIT! There's more.
These fellows like to shout obscenities into the air, not taking their young age into recognition. While they play their PSP's (which they say is so cool, and are a "fuckload" better than any other system ever made. Direct quote.) They like to say words such as "fuck", "ass", "bitch", and other obscenities. Today on the bus, they were discussing, jokingly, how they might have a disease which make you not filter your speech, obviously Tourette's Syndrome. After a few minutes of discussion, which I could not here, we hear a single phrase come out of the fattest of them all.
"Hey everyone! I can't control what I say! I have AIDS!". Sigh.

Group Two: The Gay Kid

Everyone knows the gay kid. He's in your school. In your neighborhood. And, if you are like me, on your school bus. This is the kid that sits alone, and everyone is willing to sit three-in-a-seat, just to avoid him. When you are unlucky enough to sit with this 7th grader, you know the rest of your day is going to be fucking sucked down the toilet.
If you are a girl, you have nothing to fret; he never even speaks when he needs to sit with a female. It's like poison to him. He actually curls up into a ball if a person of the opposite sex sits with him. But, if you are a guy, you are in for one hell of a 15 minutes. And I don't mean that in a good way. First off, as you sit down with him, he stares at you. Now, some people may say, "Hey! You're just over reacting." Well, the thing is, whilst he stares at you, he smiles, and rubs his crotch. I want to puke right now. I've been violated by a twelve year old. How sad is that.
He continues to say that he's not gay. But, whenever he's on his PSP (see above, it seems to be the next best thing since sliced bread on our bus), his hand slips into his pants. I don't even want to continue typing about this topic. >:(

EDIT: 12-21-07
Group Three: The Legion of Gum Chewing 5th Graders
You can never take out a pack of Trident or 5 on my bus. Why? Because they will get you. See, whenever you take out a pack a gum, and just make the tiniest sound, they pounce on you. Who are they? The 5th graders. And this includes the Fat Kids from Group One. You know in horror movies, where the villian slips his head around a corner ever so slowly, only to attack it's unaware victim? Exactly like that. They will hear it, and as soon as they got you in their sight, they scream at you like banshees; "I WANT A PIECE OF GUM!!!" And if you don't, the kid will cry, and make the bus driver order you to give him one. Then, all the other 5th graders jump the bandwagon and want gum. By the time you get all of them to shut the fuck up, you realize that they have taken an entire pack of gum, INCLUDING THE ONE STICK YOU WERE PLANNING TO PUT IN YOUR MOUTH IN THE FIRST PLACE! And once you are all done, the whiniest kid starts doing that "cry-baby I-DIDNT-GET-A-PIECE" sob. And you just want to shoot yourself , because you are now out 20 pieces of gum. And that was supposed to last you a week, and it was gone before you even reached school on Monday.

Edit: 01-03-08
Other Surroundings: The Radio

Now, this isn't about the kids on my bus, but the surroundings. They can be quite the hassle, as well.
We have a radio installed on our bus. Great, huh? We can listen to music, and be nice and calm, right? Wrong. Just the opposite. We have two music genres to listen to; heavy metal, or karaoke. When we get to listen to karaoke music, it is allways some shitty singer, singing a terrible country song. It sounds more like a cow that just got run over by 10 semis than music. But, the bus driver loves it, and we need to listen to it as well. Then, we got heavy metal, which is always some third-rate band no one has ever heard of. We always pick up the greatest radio stations, huh? Anyway, the music is just way too loud. I mean, mind-numbingly loud. I can't even concentrate on the book I'm reading or the game I'm playing long enough to get some effort in. And, the kids on the bus don't even listen to it. They yell LOUDER than the music to get their voice across the dense fog of sounds. That makes a terrible migraine brew within my head. Once we reach the High School, I get out of the bus as quickly as I can, because there is a river of noise following me from behind. I wish that we can listen to good music, from better bands. Hell, even Mozart in the mornings would feel better.

This is one reason why I wish the driving age was reduced to 14. I deal with this shit every single day, and I am getting sick and fucking tired with it. Anyone else have one of these groups on their bus?

Crazy Encounters on the Bus Ride to School

I need a place holder post.

2007-11-27 16:00:57 by firemario1

So here is a picture of a random object.

An MP3 Pen.

I need a place holder post.

School Work Marathon

2007-11-03 16:26:29 by firemario1

OK, this news post isn't as "important" as the last one, so it's not going to be as nearly as long.

I forgot that I have two seperate projects all due on Monday, and I basically have one and a half days to work on them. This forgetfulness was "not" caused by Guitar Hero 3, and is "not" a factor here. But the point is, I have less that 36 hours to write a storybook about an Egyptian myth (in this case, the Weighing of the Heart myth), and two copies of an essay about Wind Power.

They essay is simple, because I just write one essay about how wind power is used and why it should be used in New York state. Then, I just gotta slap "rough draft" and "final draft" in the top right corner. Easy, right?'

The story book is what worries me. I hope the teacher accepts (well drawn) stick figure stories. Because that's the closest I can draw to a legible drawing. Plus, it's easier and faster. It might not be so bad.

Well, I'm heading back to type my essay. And to make myself better, I'm going to eat Twizzlers, and type it all while listening to songs from the Guitar Hero 3 soundtrack (UNREALTED TO MAIN STORY)

I'll repost about the total grades of each when I get them.

Flags, Blams, Bans, and Other junk I did this week.

2007-10-06 20:23:59 by firemario1

Well, I seem to have gotten banned for the whole week, so instead, I decided to do something else NG related and worthwhile. I decided to work on my two least developed ranks: the whistle, and the B/p.

During this week, as I turn over to the NG Log to remind me, I have gotten 61 B/P points in 4 days. To me, this is an achievement, even if it's not to most. I am also happy to be in the Scout rank (even though I would I wouldn't mind something else, oh like, supreme commander. :3). I think that even though the ban is almost done, I will contine blamming/protecting, like I should of done a year ago.

I also am working on regaining my whistle level. I've been using the Rage's Gift thread. I wish there was a counter on which you can see your total whistle points, so I can see how much reviews I have left. I must of flagged 30 reviews during the whole "Teddy" fiasco, and about 50 this week alone. I know I was wreckless with my whistle back when I was a new level 1, a year ago, but I wonder how deep a ditch I dug myself?I'll be so happy to just get my red, normal whistle back. I miss it. <:(

Now, we go off in a completly different direction to non-NG retated stuff.

Well, after four whole summers of boredom, my family has decided to go on a mini-vacation to Six Flags: Great Escape in Lake George. It's not gonna be a long vacation, only two days, but it's Fright Fest (a halloween festival) this month, and all the roller coasters and such are open late. I want to ride a roller coaster in the dead of night, don't you? Also, there's a feature where you lay in a coffin for a minute, be covered in meal worms, and get a mystery prize. I'll only do it if the prize is worthwhile, like 100 bucks. If the prize is some shitty stuffed Bugs Bunny doll, fuck that.

During the weekend, we will also be staying in the Six Flags Great Escape Lodge and Indoor Water Park. The rooms look comfortable. Just what I need. Plus, there's the water park, which will be awesome. Sure, it's small, but it's INDOORS, which means there's a water park in the freezing cold Lake George. And, since it's indoors, you don't need to stay in the room all day if it rains. As an added bonus, its open untill 10:00 at night! :D.

I also got a new Nintendo DS game; The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. I can't say ver much here, because I just got it today, but I have to tell you, it is AWESOME.

Wow, it looks like I talked about my life more than NG in this post. Meh, oh well. I'll leave you guys with this final statement. When is the pink going to wash out of my Newgrounds?!?



2007-08-08 20:37:04 by firemario1

What the hell are you doing here?!?

Hello. This is a random news post.

I might as well tell you about my weekend, since you're here.

I HATE little kids. Anywhere from ages 2 to 10. They are whiney, little, crybags. I hate them. So, over the weekend, I had to go to a birthday party for- suprise- a 2 year old. I sat in the back of the room, wishing for it to be over. When it was finally time to go, the little kids were picking up candy from a Dora the explorer piƱata. So, just to make my point clear, i shoved my way through the waves of preschoolers, and grabbed 2 huge handfulls of candy. Shows them right.